About Brainscrubber

Hello. My name is Greg. These are my musings. I am a Californian-turned Texan-turned Californian-turned Oregonian who is living and working in Saudi Arabia, separated from my true love by 8,000 miles of ocean and land mass, so I can pay the mortgage. I hope you enjoy my blog entries and learn a couple of things from them along the way. Non-pornographic/non-spam comments, positive or negative, are welcome.

All posts, photos, and artwork, are copyrighted by Greg Hubbard – unless specifically stated otherwise.


One thought on “About Brainscrubber

  1. Hello, my name is Mariyam-Ifteam Rufael and i was born and raised in K.S.A. until i moved to India when i was 16. I am 25 now and live in California.I find your insights to be very interesting, as they feel like my own thoughts. I very much liked your piece about ethnocentrism and hope to read more. Goodluck and take care.

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