More Spanish Learning Tools

So many tools exist to learn Spanish. Such a beautiful language – spoken is so many parts of the world.

I’ve covered several so far, but let’s take a look at two more: and I use these tools on a daily basis as I work to learn more and more vocabulary.

Let’s be up front: is a front for Fluencia, a Spanish learning web site that allows you to learn several levels of Spanish for free, then asks students to pay a monthly fee in order to move on to more advanced material.

In reality, however, it doesn’t matter. is free and extremely useful on several fronts. First, the translation is excellent, presented to the student in an extremely pleasant manner, providing not only the primary definition – but secondary definitions, word-by-word translation, as well as sentences containing the word used in several different ways. How useful is that?! Not to mention that the web page graphics are excellent and very modern.

Additionally, it is possible to subscribe to a daily newsletter, which provides the subscriber with a word-of-the day. I keep these words on a list, which I review each day prior to adding the new word to the group. This allows me to review the older words and reinforce the definitions in my mind. I’ve found this quite handy when watch telenovelas on Netflix, having already picked out many of these words from the script’s dialog.

I highly recommend as an exceptionally useful web-based tool for Spanish language learners.

One of the most difficult learning activities for anyone learning a new language comes when they have to begin conjugating verbs. There’s no way to get around it. And, the best web-based tool I have found for Spanish conjugation is a website that uses the most basic, old-school graphics possible. I mean, truly basic HTML.  Did I mention basic?  Like 1990s basic?

The thing is, though, the web site proves that a simple interface is all that’s needed when offering up a powerful tool on the par of I love this site.

  1. Enter the infinitive form of the verb.
  2. Decide whether to view the results in a box or a list.
  3. Determine if personal pronouns are needed or not.
  4. Select what verb forms to view.
  5. Then, click Conjugate.

In mere seconds, the results will display on screen. Since I am learning the -ar, -er, and -ir (regular form), and I want to learn the Present, Preterite (past), and Future forms, that’s what I select. I keep one tab up for each verb ending in a browser that I can reference throughout my day.

While there are some other conjugation tools that allow reverse conjugation, it’s pretty difficult to beat the effectiveness of the very simple Again, I highly recommend this site.

¡Hasta pronto!


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