How I Plan to Approach This Blog

I plan to post new posts on Sundays and Thursdays. Real life may get in my way, but this is my goal.

On Sunday, I plan to keep it personal – talking about how I am approaching my own language learning journey. These posts will reflect my personal roadmap, as well as explain why I am doing this or that. The whats. The whys. The wherefores.

On Thursdays, I’ll review tools and resources. These posts will provide you with practical items that may aid you with your own personal language learning journey. There will be a mix of objective and subjective; but, I’ll always try to be honest. And, I will always advise you on where and how to acquire access to the tool or resource.

I welcome comments. Due to spam, comments currently must be approved by me. So, if there is a delay in seeing your comment, that is why. Hopefully, I can ferret out a more efficient method of accomplishing this task. Abusive comments will be ignored.

Just a note about advertising – Right now, I am using the free plan WordPress offers. So, they toss a few ads on each page to help pay for my use of their product. I say this because I have zero control over what ads appear. Their appearance is NOT an endorsement by me. Whenever I upgrade my account and begin to commercialize my blog, I will tell you specifically.

I hope you learn something new today.


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