First Five Days

Five days without meat, and to be honest, I have hardly noticed. My diet is light on meat in the first place, so it’s not the hugest of sacrifices.

My big concern in meeting my goal is in sustaining it over the long haul. I can do pretty much anything over the short run. One year constitutes “the long run,” I think.

My biggest temptation so for was a sudden urge to eat some jerky the other day. But, that passed pretty quickly. One of the other things is convenience. It is far more convenient to be a meat eater; it’s ubiquitous. You have to think things through a little more if you are opting out of the carnivorous lifestyle. For me, at least, that involves pre-cooking several dishes on the weekend so they are ready during the week.

Or, maybe I just over think it. 😉


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