All Things Must End – But, Not This Blog

If you are one of the few people on the planet who does not yet know, I will be leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in December, just in time to be home for Christmas and New Years.  My contract is ending, and there is no follow-on work to keep a number of us busy.

It’s sure going to be nice to be home, though I am not sure how we’ll fill the financial coffers.  We’ll manage somehow.  We always do.  But, so far, the timing seems right to end this chapter in our lives.  I’ll have more musings on this subject in the future.

The blog will not end.  I have a lot more to say on many subjects.  I’ll bet you’re shocked by that, huh?

I will be making some more posts in the next few weeks about KSA, including photo links to some cool pictures.


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