We’re 1 1/2 weeks into Ramadan (#4 for me), and I met a friend for Iftar last night.

I get on the highway to the restaurant, and it so quiet.  No traffic.  Empty.  Nice quiet trip.  Little danger of an accident.  Wait…what’s that in my rearview mirro?!


The wind shakes my care as I roll down the freeway.  Some sort of white car has just rocketed by me – left me sitting still.  I looked down at my speedometer, and I am doing 120kph (75mph).  He was going at least 200kph (125mph) or faster.  I’m glad the freeway was empty.

For a full discussion of Ramadan, search this blog for “Ramadan” and “Iftar.”  Feel free to post any questions you may have.


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