New Blue Jeans…

…bought some new blue jeans this week…four pair.  My old ones had become tents on me…belt cinched up tightly and still sliding over my hips…seat hanging down to my knees…I looked like an old guy trying to be a skater.

I bought the first pair at a legit Levis Store in one of the major malls.  They cost me SR367.  That’s $97 per pair.  Ouch!

Today, I went with a friend to a clothing souq and visited several stores that sell “Levis” and “Dockers” and just about any other name brand you could want.  I bought 3 pair of “Levis” for SR100.  That’s $8.89 per pair. 

I’ll bet they’re real.  Huh?  They had the tags, so they HAVE to be real, right?!



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