It’s been around 114-F for the past couple of weeks. 

Unless you live in Phoenix, Tucson, or Vegas, that’s hot.  Really hot.  When I’d go visit my kid living in Las Vegas, I’d wonder how she, and the half-million or so others living there, did it.  I think I know, now.

Humans are excellent at adaptation.

I got here in August 2006, August and the first couple of weeks of September being the hottest time period for temperatures in KSA (as far as I know).  I ran the air-conditioner in the bedroom and in the living room constantly.  When I left a building, I either went straight to my car and its air-conditioning, or I went to another building and its air-conditioning.  I knew I needed exercise, but the idea of walking outside in the summer heat – even at night – was anathema. 

I’ve realized over the last month the heat doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to bother me.  I run the a/c in the bedroom when I am in the living room, but not the living room a/c very often.  If it starts to get hot, I’ll turn on a fan, which sucks the cooler air from the bedroom and blows it into the living room.  If I am cleaning house or something, I’ll turn on the a/c in both rooms.  I prefer not to run the a/c at night, relying on the fan instead (cools and drowns out the muezzin calls in the middle of the night).  The bedroom a/c gets the most action because that is the room (on the end of the building) that absorbs the direct sunlight and, therefore, retains the most heat.

At night, now, I go out and walk.  The temperatures are still usually around 100-F when I go out, and by the time I get back to the apartment, it really feels to me as if it has cooled down a lot.  Probably, it has dropped about 5 degrees Farenheit; but, it is still firmly in the mid- to upper-90s.  Doesn’t even bother me at all.  Of course, when I get in the apartment, and I settle down, it gets really hot to me; so, I do run all the a/c I can find at that point.

Acclimatized or not, I miss the micro-climate of our shack on the mountainside.  I’ll trade any day.


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