The Obama Factor

As reported last week, President Barack Obama will visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tomorrow.  There will be no public showings or exhibitions; so, the voyeurs will just have to fantasize.

Apparently, he is coming in this evening because the flags are all up (I’ll try to get a photo), and there are cops at every on-ramp and off-ramp.  His plane will probably land at the Old Airport, which is now a military facility.  At least, that is where most foreign dignitaries land.  The Royal Terminal, and the newer, King Khalid International Airport (lovingly known as KKIA – not an exciting place to spend several hours), are much farther northwest, closer to his horse ranch.  Since most foreign visits are limited to the city proper, it makes more sense for them to land at the Old Airport.

When the motorcade is on the road, there will be cops on each of the overpasses enroute.   I believe the King will take President Obama out to his Jenadriyah horse ranch because the flags head in that direction, which means he’ll pass within about 200 yards of my apartment…but, about 30 feet lower than my elevation.  He took President Bush to the horse ranch, which is located across the road from the racetrack.

Of course, they could be fooling with me and showing one route when they intend to take another route.  The security is pretty tight, as it was when President Bush came to town in January 2007.

There was a big tadoo over the fact the White House press corps has been quarantined to the Marriott (across the street from where I work) under penalty of arrest and confinement.  Not sure what that is all about,  but it was reported in The Atlantic as being fact.  Maybe I’ll go for lunch over their tomorrow and mingle with them.  I’m sure they would want to interview me.   No?  Oh, okay.

Oh, and the Egyptians are ticked off that he’s stopping here before he goes there.  They thought they were his first.  That never seems to be the story, though, now does it?


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