The Heat

The heat has arrived in Riyadh. 

Last week it was 111-F one day, well over 100-F everyday.  This week has been slightly less hot, but still over 100-F.  So far, this year it is not bothering me too much. 

Maybe it’s because I am exercising out in it this year.  After I talk to Cristina on the phone in the evenings, I take of and walk briskly through the compound grounds.  They actually have a nice asphalt walking path in among the trees, which I use.  Until tonight, I’ve been walking about 40 minutes a night.  Tonight, I upped the ante and did 60 minutes.  When I got done, I was sweating pretty good, and it actually was kind of cool. 

I used to be an athlete – used to run 3 1/2 miles a day, used to swim 1/4-mile a day, used to weigh 185 pounds.   As I said a couple of entries ago, I was not a very good one; but, I was in good shape.  So, I have to admit a bit of disgust when I realize just how far I let myself get to before I woke up and realized how much I needed to get back to where I was. 

Back in Australia, I used to run in the heat.  Often, it was above 100F.  I ran in the cool of the evening; but, it was still in the 80s.  Here, it’s still in the 90s when I go out walking.  In another month, it will still be in the 100s in the evening, and I will have to make a choice.  Go out and walk in that heat or walk in my living room to one of the walking/exercise DVDs I own.  I may end up being acclimated enough for it not to matter.  We’ll see.  Mostly, I just have to keep moving.

Weighed in at 222 this past Saturday.  That’s 50 pounds down.  23 pounds to reach my goal of being below 200 by the time I turn 50 in October.  Truthfully, unless something major changes, I should hit that milestone in July.  I may be at 180 by my birthday.  Wouldn’t that be a great 50th birthday present?!

Here’s hoping!


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