Strange Adventures In Insurance Land

As I posted earlier, I had to have a skin biopsy, which was clear. 

I also pointed out that I had five pre-cancerous spots the doctor wants to remove via liquid nitrogen.  Then, I alluded to the fact I had to go do battle with the insurance company.

In honor of Paul Harvey’s passing, here’s…the rest of the story.

When you leave the doctor’s office at my clinic, you have to stop at the cashier and be cleared.  Can’t let you leave if you owe money.  So, as the guy is reviewing my checkout sheet, he goes, “This is not covered.  You’ll have to pay SR375.”  That’s exactly $100.


“Your insurance company will not cover this procedure to remove those spots.  You will pay to pay for it.”

“My insurance company won’t pay for the use of liquid nitrogen to remove pre-cancerous spots on my skin?”

“No, sir.”

“You need to submit it for approval first.”

“No, sir.  I know your policy well.  I don’t have to submit it.  It is not covered.”

“How much?”

“SR375. SR75 per spot.  You want to pay it, now?”


“It’s not covered, sir.”

“I want to talk to my insurance company first.”

“Yes, sir.”

About ten minutes ago, the clinic business office called and said, “The insurance company has approved your procedure to remove the five spots from your skin.  You may make your appointment, now.”

So much for knowing my insurance policy well.


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