Personal Note

The good news is, there is nothing wrong.

Like most guys who were avid outdoorsmen in their youth, I have developed quite a few age/liver spots on my face and scalp.  One spot, in particular, started to change rather quickly.  A previous physician advised me to seek an examination if the shape of one of these spots became irregular.  This one did, so I followed his advice.

The dermatologist agreed that this spot needed further inspection; so, she ordered a biopsy.  The circus of getting insurance approval for the biopsy was irritating, but I won’t waste a lot of time on that.  I got the results of the biopsy yesterday, and it came back totally clear.

The doctor wants to remove that spot, and four others, which she considers pre-cancerous.  In a land of extreme sunshine, that’s probably a wise choice.

Now, to deal with the damned insurance company again.  Ah, the joys of life in a profit-driven medical world.


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