Discoveries in the Sand – Episode 2

Some more items of epiphany and realization on this journey of self-discovery…

1.  Asian Pears. – Mmm…Mmm…Good!  At least to my palate.  A mix of savory and sweet.  And from a WeightWatchers point-of-view, they are a fruit serving, packed with a lot of nutritional value, which doesn’t cost a single point! (Multiple servings may cost points, though.)  They’re a tad more expensive in the US, but worth it.  A real bargain!

2.  Not all British television shows are great TV. – For every Masterpiece Theatre or MI:5 (Spooks in the UK – obvious why they changed the name in the US) there’s an The IT Crowd or Teenaged Kicks…truly awful shows clogging the crowded airwaves like election year campaign commercials without the passion – and even less intellectual honesty.  Then there are the marginal shows like Mumbai Calling, which have some truly marvelous moments mixed with inanity.  Then, of course, there are the niche shows, such as Dr. Who and Torchwood – both of which are among my favorites.  I also recommend you take a look at Hei$t should it come on in the US; although, I understand Amercian TV has pretty much stolen it and turned it into Leverage, which I hear is pretty good, too.

3.  Hello, my name is Greg, and I am a bookaholic. – I love books.  They are comforting to me.  I’ll buy books no matter where I am…proven by the close to one hundred (am I past that number, now?) I’ve acquired since coming here to KSA.  Some of them I actually read.  Some of them are for reference for my job.  Some…well, I really don’t know why…other than the sense of ease they provide me when they surround me.  Keep your fracking Kindles!!

4. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are as popular in the Middle East as they are in the US. – The political humor of these two seems to transcend cultural barriers.  Their shows, during the last year, have become staples of the Showtime satellite network, one of the largest providers of satellite television throughout the region.  Where they struggled to fill the 9pm – 10pm timeslot the first year-and-a-half I was here, these two fake news shows have found their home and made the programming manager in Dubai very happy.

5. Battlestar Galactica is great television even if it’s not in English. – Throughout the week, I can watch BSG in German, Russian, Arabic, and English.  I have seen the first three seasons (in English), which comprise most of the episodes available over here.  Even without the English, I have found myself captivated by the intense drama of the scenes unfolding on-screen.  How many TV shows can make such a boast?  Sure, I am biased.  I, along with Rolling Stone magazine, consider it the best show on TV.  But, any show where the acting doesn’t require a language to be conveyed is a show worth watching.  I can’t wait to watch Season Four!  Thank you, Cristina.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Discoveries in the Sand – Episode 2

  1. Have to completely disagree with you about “The IT Crowd”. Personally think it’s one of the most brilliant television shows I’ve seen in at least a decade — ranks right up there with “Yes, Minister” and Monty Python.

    C’mon — “The Speech”, with the box that contained “the internet”, was freakin’ hilarious!

    Jerry H.

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