The Past Few Weeks…

The past few weeks have been crazy busy.

My teams at work have been hard at it. We’re working on the delivery of three major software applications – two of which have required nearly three years of development and test time, each of which are scheduled to go live within the next two weeks; these are incredibly important apps, so there is an understandable atmosphere of apprehension associated with the product launches.

We’ve also delivered three smaller, but no less important, applications to our customer. With each new application comes a bevy of supporting documentation, which my docs team develops from scratch and provides to the customer, too.

So, it’s been a busy several weeks.

Oh, and there was the amoebic dysentery that landed me in the hospital for three days. Trust me when I tell you, amoebic dysentery is not a condition you want to experience. Here is a look at the critter that decided to make itself at home in my intestines. Three days of intravenous meds followed by another two weeks of oral meds helped to wipe out the active parasite.

Unfortunately, these things like to leave behind potential buddies, and it will take another round of meds to finish off the job. Oddly, in a country where this condition is common, it is impossible to acquire the necessary medicine to complete the second round of treatment; in the U.S. and Europe, where the condition is NOT common, the medicine is widely available. Go figure.

I am feeling all better now. So, that is good. I am assured that it’s rare that a relapse occurs, but I’ll feel better
about it when I get home and can take the final round of medicine.


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