A Little Time At Home

I’ll be home for a bit in July – 18 days to be exact.

Cristina is having a medical procedure performed. She has to have her carotid artery cleared of a partial blockage. Though a serious procedure, it is a fairly common procedure, and it has a pretty good prognosis. Still, it’s not something I could watch from the sidelines. I need to be, and very much want to be, at home for her. I love my wife.

We’re going to take advantage of some of the time prior to the surgery and take a trip to the Coast. We both like the ocean a lot, and we don’t get to see it nearly as often as we would like since leaving San Diego. Plus, we are going to enjoy a little alone time…unlike the Christmas visit, which was non-stop, wall-to-wall people. I had a good time, and I met some great people; but I will be happy to take things a little easier this time.

Folks keep asking me, and Cristina, when I will be home for good. The truth is, we really don’t know. I understand that a lot of folks would like the situation to be very simple, black & white; but it is not. I’d like it to be a simple decision, too; so would Cristina. Amazing how much simpler it seems when you are not the one having to make the decision.

Know that I will be home for good as soon as I can swing it.


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