Comments – If You Wish

I just want to remind folks that comments – as long as they are non-pornographic and non-spam – whether positive or negative, are always welcome.

Also, if you have questions about life in Saudi Arabia, as an expatriate, or about Riyadh, I’ll do my best to answer any such questions that are posted.


One thought on “Comments – If You Wish

  1. Look I finally remembered my login hehhehe.

    Anyway one thing that I would love to hear about is how different it is when you get back to Oregan for a visit. I am not asking for personal answers like….C can’t sleep because of your snoring (well that is the case if your like your brother…) But after being gone from this area for 10 years with only an occasional visit back I am just stunned at how much it has changed. I was just wondering if rural Oregan is the same. If so what do you most notice has changed?

    Also, what do you miss from Saudi Arabia when you are here? And besides the people (because you best miss us!) what do you miss most about the States when you are there?

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