RIP Shakira Kitty – Update

First, I want to thank everyone for their nice emails and best wishes.  There are a lot of cat lovers out there, as well as a lot of people who just seem to understand how important a pet can be to a person.

 As I indicated in the original post, I couldn’t just toss her body into a dumpster and be done with it.  So, with the help of a good friend, I buried her beneath a grove of palm trees.  I didn’t get the hole quite as deep as I would like to have gotten it, but it is deep enough to protect her remains.  We put some rocks over the grave and sprinkled several shovels full of dirt over the rocks so that things looked close to normal.

The grove of palm trees is across the road from the compound where she was born and grew up, which is nice.  I put two cans of coffee into the bag.  Coffee confuses the ability of animals to smell certain things, like a decomposing body.  Not that I expect any other animals  (non-human) to show up in the place where she is buried; it’s situated pretty nicely.  I tossed in her favorite toys:  a stuffed Elmo tied to a piece of rope, a lavender stuffed mouse she’d ripped to shreds, and four tennis balls that she love to have thrown to her so she could jump in the air and bat them down.

 A special thanks to my friend who helped me.  He had a love-hate relationship with Shakira, and her illness and death hit him nearly as hard as it hit me. 

Again, thanks to everyone for your thoughts and well wishes.


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