Weathering the Weather

Yes.  I will be concluding the Ramadan discussion.  I should have that up in the next day or so.  However, weather is the subject today.

You see, for the last two weeks, it been rainy and relatively cold. Folks in Minnesota – or back home in Oregon – would look at the temperatures (40s and 50s) as shirt sleeve weather. Here in KSA, though, it’s cold. Cold enough that folks are wearing coats. People from the States who are wearing any cold weather gear are wearing jackets; but the Saudis, and those who have lived here for any length of time are wearing coats.  It’s an interesting sight to see a Saudi man walking across a parking lot in sandals and thoub, plus a winter coat, gloves, and sometimes a ski cap.

Honestly, the weather is quite similar to that found in the Las Vegas area; although, I don’t expect to see any of the snow that Vegas occasionally enjoys.  But, the winter is full of rain.  That’s one of the things that make this particular spate of rain and cloud cover unique – it’s not winter, yet.  Usually, this type of weather appears in the January and February timeframes.  I am told that there are occasional cloudbursts, torrential downpours that flood parts of the city.  The fact that certain low points have flooded this time around, with only moderate amounts of rain, causes me concern to think what may be on its way.

One day last week as I waited for some friends so we could go to lunch, a couple of Saudis came to the front door and looked out at the grey skies and the gentle rain.  One of them, a Saudi educated in Pennsylvania, looked at me and smiled.  “Such beautiful weather,” he told me and meant it.  I smiled back, remembering that only moments before another Saudi had walked up and told me exactly the same thing.  Perspective is a very important component of any event or situation.

We’re supposed to have sun starting today, but I awoke to more grey skies and rain.  More beautiful weather.


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