Killer Bag Attacks Cat

So, about a week ago…

I am unbaggng some vegetables I bought at the grocery store, and drop one of the plastic bags to the floor because I want to use it to clean out the cat box a little later; so, I want to keep it separate from the ones I am putting away.

As I put items on the table, Shakira The Cat jumps up on the table and begins to investigate each and every item. Her curiosity sated, she jumps back down onto the floor and takes a look at the grocery bag I’ve dropped. I turn to put away the other bags and all of a sudden I hear this furied struggling, and a cat races by my feet at about a thousand miles and hour – the grocery bag noisily dragging behind her. She shoots out of the dining area, into the living room area – never slowing down – across the back of the couch back down on the floor and starts back toward me. By this time, I’ve figured out that she’s gotten one of the bag handles around her neck and this bag is “grabbing” her and “chasing” her.

She starts to streak past me, and I bend over to try to grab her and free her; but all I feel are cat paws using my bare feet as a method of traction to try to get away from this monster that is attacking her. She sluices through the dining area, into the utility area where the fridge is located, around behind the fridge where I feared she might get caught and really hurt herself, and down the space between the fridge and the wall, straight for me. This time I was ready. I caught her and freed her. And, she was off behind the couch to hide.

I finally coaxed her out, and she ended up lying on top of the end table breathing a little more quickly than normal.

Life is tough for a kitty. Monsters stalk you at every turn.


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