I apologize to those who have been looking for updates and found none. I got kinda sidetracked on some other interests. Then, I got the flu, which was not pleasant – I still have a nagging cough.

Coming up in the near future:

Ramadan – A description of the holy month, its purpose, its impact on daily life – especially for Westerners

Local Cuisine – By request, a description of the local eating scene, despite the fact that there is no such thing (really) as Saudi cuisine.

Misconceptions – There are things that Westerners just believe about the Saudi Arabia. Some of them simply are not true.

Curiosities 2 – A second look at some things that are truly out-of-sync with my Western mind, things that are not wrong, just very, very different.

Driving in Riyadh 2 – Trust me, this subject could NOT be handled in a single post. Oh, no.

Have a great day!



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