Still Alive

Yes, Cristina and I are still alive!

The last three months have been wild! Wild, I say!

Back in February, Cristina became involved with a friend in protesting the use of torture by American military and spy agencies, and she created some postcards that could be detached and mailed to three Oregon politicians and Sen. John McCain (I strongly support their protest, btw!). She recruited some of the local merchants to make available the cards on their countertops. In fact, one of the women was so impressed with Cristina’s efforts that she called her up that night and said, “How would you like to help us run my husband’s campaign for County Commissioner?” “Uh….” “We won’t know for sure until Tuesday if he’ll make the ballot.” “Um…sure…give me a call if he makes the ballot.”

Fast forward to the next Thursday. I am reading a copy of the Eugene Weekly, and it says that Ron (our candidate) has filed to run against the incumbent. “He made the ballot, Cristina.” “Well, let’s see if we get a call.” Friday, the call comes, and Cristina agrees to meet with them on Sunday. “You’re coming, too.” “Why?” “Didn’t you used to do politics in Texas?” “Well, yeah, but that was a LONG time ago.” “Recent enough.”

To make the long story short, Cristina and I ended up as campaign managers for a local campaign against an incumbent who had all the money, the backing of big timber, big lumber, and the Eugene Register-Guard. Still, managed to pull in some endorsements (including the Eugene Weekly), collect about $5,000, and garner 31% of the vote. Given when we started, how much money we had, and the low number of volunteers, we are actually ecstatic with what we accomplished. The way it looks, we were actually intended as a decoy campaign, meant to draw money from another hotly contested race. If it’s true, the strategy worked because the other campaign turned out the way we all wanted it to go. So, I guess we did our job.

Now, we’re back to our normal lives…whatever that means. For me, that means looking for a job. I had a contract position with Symantec. Unfortunately, after a day of behind closed doors meetings, they decided to terminate non-essential contracts. Guess what? Mine was non-essential. So, I am back pounding the pave…err…searching the depths of the Internet for a job. Keep us in your thoughts.


One thought on “Still Alive

  1. Hello there! I just moved back to SD to find out the impossible became possible. Luckily I found this giving me the op to read about what happened although I am now sad.
    Hope to hear from you both!

    – Jason (S)

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