Climbing Back Into The Saddle

I doubt there is anything more disheartening than to see an accomplishment at which you have worked very hard be rendered a dull memory by subsequent events. Well, maybe it is a bit more disheartening if you could’ve preventend it, and you know you could’ve prevented it.

In January 2004, I joined Weight Watchers, along with Cristina (but, this particular tale is not hers). I enjoyed tremendous success, losing 65 pounds by July of 2004. I had even figured out a way to take Saturday off from the plan, after my weigh-in, and still lose weight. But, such success can sometimes breed a bit of arrogant casualness in one’s approach to such endeavors. I have to own up to that fact for myself.

In August, I began playing competitive poker in a bar league. I like beer. I like bar food. 1 + 1 = 2 . I started gaining weight, always telling myself that I’d eat before I went, only make healthy choices (lol) from the menu, and drink iced tea instead of beer. Uh huh. As the weight began to creep back upwards, I found that I started skipping meetings. By the end of the year, I simply wasn’t going anymore, and I definitely was not On Plan (OP) anymore.

A weight problem, particularly if it is coupled with an overeating problem – and I am definitely an overeater – is like a substance abuse problem in that it is necessary to stay on top of it every single day. Weight Watchers (WW) helps with this by providing guidance and coaching regarding proper eating habits. Compared to a lot of diet plans out there, WW is pretty inexpensive and verifiably successful – if you stay OP. Therein lies the rub. In order to lose weight and maintain it, it is necessary to change one’s lifestyle. Any weightloss program will help an individual lose weight in the short term; the issue becomes the longterm sustainability of it. And that, more than anything else is an adjustment of one’s brain. It does not matter what weight loss program one uses…if you don’t have your brain in gear, it won’t succeed in the longterm. No one can control that component but you, yourself. I know. I let mine veer off into a land of lazy, easy decisions to eat what is not healthy.

So, know that I’d gained back a significant chunk of my weight, I resolved to return to WW starting last Monday. I subscribe online, and I figured I’d start by weighing in on Monday, record it online, then return to actual meetings on Saturday (meetings work for me; they may not work for others). My weigh-in made me sad. I had gained back every single pound I’d lost, and I weight, once again, 272 pounds. But, I’ve done exactly what I resolved to do. I recorded it online, and I am going to go to a meeting on Saturday morning. I’ll attend down here until I get moved fully to Oregon; then, I’ll find a new meeting up there.

Onward and downard.


2 thoughts on “Climbing Back Into The Saddle

  1. So did you go? I’ve decided I’m going back this weekend. No EXCUSES!!!!!!

    I did not return to a meeting this past Saturday, as intended. I did, however, weigh myself and record it online (I subscribe to WW Online), and I was down four pounds.

    Come join the Guys On A Diet message board on the WW site…you don’t have to subscribe…just register for the site, which is free.

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