Summer of Change XV

As of yesterday, we had three offers on the table, which is a good thing. However, only one of them was a serious offer, and we countered. We are still waiting on the response to the counter.

When I called Cristina to tell her of the offer, I honestly thought she’d be thrilled. She was not. I am not prepared, yet, to discuss the gist of the conversation, but a lot of stuff came out in the wash. Though not a pleasant conversation, it was a profitable conversation. Receiving offers and making counter-offers makes things pretty real. When you’ve lived in a place as long as we have (Cristina – 26 years, me – 16 years), a lot of things have occurred in that place, and there are a lot emotions tied to it. Sometimes the importance and gravity of those bonds are not completely understood until there are brought to the surface by some catalyst. In this case, the catalyst was the serious offer that required our response.

Things are pretty cool now, though.

Our realtor’s office called this morning and let me know that the buyer’s agent has asked for an extension due to not getting the offer until this morning. While I don’t mind giving the extension, I find it humorous that she would ask for an extension when we didn’t receive the offer until yesterday although it was written on Tuesday, and it had an expiration of 8:00pm. Interesting.

I’ve realized that I will have to have the truck packed the night before escrow closes. In California, escrow generally closes around 8:00pm. So, that would mean I have to be out of the house before 8:00pm on the day that escrow closes. So, I am going to get hold of some of the burly guys I know, invite them all over on Thursday night, feed them pizza and beer and move all the furniture and stuff into the truck. Using a number of guys to get the job done, it’ll actually get done pretty quickly. Of course, I have to do my part and ensure everything is ready to go. Anyone ever tells you that moving is fun is either stupid, has never done it, or is a type of masochist, the form of which I simply don’t comprehend.


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