Summer of Change VII

How ugly is your old shower or bathtub?

If it’s anything like ours were, then, they’re pretty unappealing. The thought of a potential buyer looking at these 30-year-old pieces of worn-out fiberglass just dropped the selling price by $30K in my mind. Turns out, though, if there’s a homecare need, there’s a contractor to take care of it.

Enter Carlos. Breathing apparatus and goggles in place, he labored for about five hours yesterday spraying on a new finish in both the front and master bathrooms. The result is phenomenol. For a bout 1/2 the price it would take to replace all the fixtures for one bathtub or shower, we now have two abosolutely stunning bathing areas. I cannot overstate the difference. Really. Truly. It was like walking into the bathroom of a model home yesterday afternoon. Hard to believe that one could get so excited about bathroom fixtures.

We’ve made some key changes to the place in hopes of making the sale quicker and more lucrative. In order, I would rank them, in importance, as follows. A realtor might rank them a bit different.

1. New fence – The fence looks great, and it changes the feel for the place.
2. New carpeting and flooring – Four dogs, one cat, three kids (and friends)…our carpet and flooring looked like utter crap. Major change.
3. New countertop and refaced cabinets in kitchen – Makes the whole kitchen seem like a welcoming and warm place.
4. New paint on the house, both internal and external – Makes the house look very fresh.
5. New backdoor – There is no excuse for not having taken care of this one previously.
6. New surfaces on bathroom bathing fixtures – Just as I stated above…an AMAZING difference!!
7. New screens on the windows – Just looks nice.

Now, having highlight all of those, I have to rave about Cristina’s landscaping work. The woman could’ve been a Master Gardener, and I keep hoping she’ll someday go for that recognition of her skills. Not everyone can look at a piece of dirt and see it as a garden. I can’t…not really. She can. The gardens look beautiful: full of color and excitement. Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal!

Copyright 2005, by Greg Hubbard


One thought on “Summer of Change VII

  1. Shoot if I did all that to our house I wouldn’t want to move!!!!!!!!! Love you guys.


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