Summer of Change V

The house smells of oil-based paint. Is that what fuels the elaborate dreaming I’ve known over the last few days? Even scented candles cannot cover up that smell. But, the house is painted, now – both inside and out. The colors are so innocuous that it’s difficult to imagine how they might cause any potential new owner any grief. Best of all, for Cristina, the painter won’t be arriving at 7am every morning.

New closet doors hang from the closet door jambs. Literally. I’ve never seen anything like them before, but Cristina says that they’re what were there before they were removed. The wooden door hangs from the top, dangling toward the floor, and moves side to side on an overhead rail. Very strange engineering to my eye…looks only half-finished. But, if that’s how it’s supposed to work…okay.

Carpet and flooring people come next week. Innocuous and unexciting carpet for every room in the house except the kitchen and the two bathrooms. The bathrooms have already been tiled. Linoleum will be layed in kitchen. Once it’s completed, we’ll be laying plastic throughout the house and asking our guests to remove their shoes while in the house. Beatrice and Cea (Chay` uh), our cat and dog, will have to depart for Oregon pretty soon after. Just too much work to have to follow them around as they go through their own day. I just realized we should get some of those booties that workmen use in houses. I’m glad that idea popped into my head.

The final house stuff will occur in the bathrooms. There are services that come in an restore existing showers and bathtubs to their original appearance (or close to it) for a fraction of the cost of replacing those items. We’re having that work done in both bathrooms. Five to six hundred dollars is one hell of a lot better than $2000-$5000 for a simple bathroom makeover. I am no handyman (although I have become a plumber), and I don’t pretend to be. So, having professionals do the work, while a little more expensive, is well worth the cash.

New shower doors will follow the refurbishing of the master bathroom. I will cover the seams just because I think it looks better.

Oh, wait, I have to take the toilet out of the front bathroom and reinstall it. For some reason, the seat needs to be reworked.

Then…we begin dealing with real estate agents. That will be another story. I hope it’s a good story – not a tragedy. šŸ˜‰

Copyright 2005 by Greg Hubbard


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