Summer of Change IV

Whoa, Nellie!!! Take a break!!!!

You ever look at someone who has been working hard, incredibly hard, and see it in their face that they can’t possibly go any further?

When I got home last night from work, I made that read in Cristina’s face. She’d pushed herself way too far, and she needed to slow down. While there’s certainly no way I could ever force her to do anything, I did manage to influence her actions enough that we only did a minimum amount of necessary work last evening. We both (especially her) needed some downtime. So, we took stuff off of the wall, wrapped it, and stored it. Then, we watched The Station Agent on Starz…and caught the last 45 minutes of 13 Going On 30. The first is a brilliant little Indie film, and the second is a not so brilliant studio piece that is somewhat funny and enjoyable despite its hokey formula.

Downtime is important in any endeavor. Sure, it’s important to work hard…too much Protestant work ethic in America for that not to be intrinsic in our very souls…but, pushing oneself to the breaking point is more damaging that taking a little time off to re-juice. While I am not advocating procrastination, most tasks can be completed later, rather than right now, with very little loss. Of course, if you keep putting it off…

Copyright 2005 by Greg Hubbard


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