Summer of Change II

It dawned on me this morning that there is no way to tell this story in a chronological manner. Too much has already taken place to allow a neat history from start to finish. So, in a much more realistic way, I’ll insert some history in as appropriate.

I have heard that one of the most stressful times in any marriage is when the couple moves…that if they can survive the crap inherent to the process of selling one playing, buying another, then moving, they probably are safe for the longterm. Today has been a good test of that theory.

Both of us feel a tremendous amount of stress with regard to getting things ready in the San Diego house for the painters and flooring people. Cristina has been working tail off trying to get stuff packed…not enough can be said to praise her in that regard. I’ve been trying to arrange things like contractors to replace closet doors that have disappeared over the years, get a temporary storage facility that we can use as a staging area, plus get my job done at work. The coordination of all these efforts is a lot of work.

With regard to packing, Cristina’s lived in this house for 26 years, and I have lived in it for 16 years. WE HAVE A LOT OF STUFF!!!!! Nice people with very good intentions have advised us that we simply have to get tough and start throwing stuff away. Uh huh. Yeah. Easier said than done. Easier said when it’s not your own stuff. Easier said when you don’t have to take the time from another necessary task to do it. We’ve actually done pretty good. Cristina’s good at pushing on this. Sometimes I need pushing when it comes to stuff like this. Not my favorite thing in the world to do. Besides, I can always find a use for that thing. Or, that one. Or, this one. πŸ˜‰

Of course, this whole episode couldn’t be occurring at a worse time for me, work-wise. I literally have seven high priority items on my task list that needed to be accomplished yesterday. Couple that with everything associated with the move, and I probably have been a little more cranky than normal. I know I was cranky this afternoon when Cristina called me to say that the painters were starting on the interior of the house tomorrow. Seems they finished the exterior a day early. Crap. I spent a good chunk of this morning finding a temporary storage box that could reside in our driveway while we used it as a staging area…and, I got it all set up for delivery tomorrow. That allowed us to bust hump tomorrow night and get a big chunk of stuff out of the house and into the PODS ( box before the painters started the interior on their scheduled day of Thursday. So, when I was told they wanted to start tomorrow, I was not a happy camper, something that I have never been to good at hiding. Cristina (who wasn’t terribly happy, either) and the painter have worked it out so that they can do some of the prelim work (i.e., ceilings), but it sure does throw off our schedule and require some real effort on our part tonight. Oh, well.

Still, Cristina and I can snap at each other, take some time apart and breathe, then talk to each other rationally. I’m not sure how Dr. Phil would view us, but who really gives a damn. I have the greatest wife in the world, and I really, really love her…without apology for my mushiness. A few spits and spats are not much of a price to pay for that…at least not in my book.

Copyright 2005 by Greg Hubbard


One thought on “Summer of Change II

  1. I’ve heard that moving is even more stressful than divorce. I personally don’t intend to compare, but know how bad moving can be. My best thoughts go to you guys on an easy transition. πŸ™‚

    My suggestion is mark every box with a list of what is in it when you pack. If you have not unpacked/touched the items 1 year from arrival @ new house you can get rid of it – via ebay or garage sale or trash (but remember your trash is someone elses treasure!!!)

    As for best wife in the world – I can not attest to (not having a wife myself) but I do know she the bestest sister-in-law! You guys will enjoy the new house – and all good things come with a price so I know you can “Pay” that price without taking it out of each others hides. (Remember when things are hard you could be married to someone like me that makes things harder! So give Cris a kiss and go on!!!!!!)

    Love you guys

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