Summer of Change – I

During late Spring of 2004, it became apparent that Cristina needed to be able to be mobile so that she could look after her Mom and Step-Dad. Evie is 92-years-old, and Ed is 93-years-old, and, though they are way more active at that age than a lot of folks half their age, they’re slowing down, and age is catching up with them. Additionally, my own mother is 82, and we need to be able to get someone to her at a moment’s notice.

My Mom, Mary, since has moved in with my sister. However, even before then, there was family, and friends close enough to be family, within moments of her house. Though I certainly am concerned for her care, she’s well looked after. The closest family that Ed and Evie have (that would care for them, anyways) all lives nearly 1,000 miles from their home. They have marvelous friends, but sometimes you just need someone with familial relations to be there.

With that thought in mind, and the fact that I love that part of Oregon, I suggested to Cristina that we move up there. After a minute or so of dead silence on the phone, she asked, “Um…are you serious?”

First of all, I love Ed and Evie. I couldn’t ask for better in-laws, and they simply are just good people. Secondly, I grew up on the High Plains of Texas surrounded by flat, dusty prairie where the nearest mountain four hours away. So, the idea of living in the tree-covered mountains surrounding the Willamette Valley sounded pretty much like Heaven.

“Yeah, I’m serious. Why don’t we discuss it when you get home?”

A lot of skepticism edged her voice, but she agreed to discuss it when she came home from her mother’s house.

That’s the end of Part One. Look for Part Two later today or tomorrow.

Copyright 2005 by Greg Hubbard


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